AlarmObserver This class holds logic for the alarm functionality
 CalendarMode Enumeration-pretending class that contains possible modes of Flex Calendar Component
 Colors Helper class with color declarations
 ConfigUtils Helper class with configuration settings
 DateOptions This class contains options for date handling.
 DateUtils Helper class with static utils function for Date class
 FlexUtils Utils class providing basic helper functions useful in Flex environment.
 InstanceCache This is generic class that can be used to manage array of instances
 ItemDetails Class holding CalendarItems and it's item renderers
 ItemsBlock Class describing single block of items, it means items that are overlapping in day/multiday view.
 ItemUtils Utils class for different item types.
 RendererClassFactory Item renderer factory
 ResourceBindingHelper Helper class added to make binding resource bundle (localized data) easier.
 SpaceReservation This class is responsible for reservation of the space for events