Classpublic class DateOptions
InheritanceDateOptions Inheritance Object

This class contains options for date handling. Each FlexCalendar instance keeps instance of DateOptions to handle dates in consistent way.

Public Properties
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  firstDayOfWeek : int = 0
First day in the week.
  minDaysInFirstWeek : int = 1
Minimal number of days in the first week of year.
Public Methods
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Property Detail
public var firstDayOfWeek:int = 0

First day in the week. As default, Sunday (0) is set. 0 for Sunday, 1 for Monday, and so on.

public var minDaysInFirstWeek:int = 1

Minimal number of days in the first week of year. Default value: 1. The value must be in the range 1 to 7. Two values seems to be most common: - 1 - The first week is week that contains Jan 1st. - 4 - The first week is the week that contains Jan 4th. This is recommended in ISO 8601:2000 standard and used in: AT BE CA CD CH DE DK FI FR IT LI LT LU MC MT NL NO SE SK

Constructor Detail
public function DateOptions()