Localization and internationalization support

We’re supporting FlexCalendar localization and internationalization since 1.0.0-RC1. It is possible to add different locale. Month and day names are taken from Flex SDK properties files, and our labels are taken from FlexCalendar.properties file. Let’s assume that you have pt_BR localization files for Flex 3.2 SDK (if not, see: http://sujitreddyg.wordpress.com/2008/01/22/localizing-flex-applications).

Adjust your compiler settings to set compiled locales and locales path. In Project/Properties/FlexCompiler/Additional compiler arguments set something like: -locale=pt_BR -source-path=../locale/{locale}
Next, create “locale” folder in your main Flex Builder project, with subdirectory “pt_BR”, put attached FlexCalendar.properties file in and change its content.
This file should contain properties for flex calendar component and it’s item editor:

calendarHeader.today = Today
calendarHeader.day = Day
calendarHeader.week = Week
calendarHeader.month = Month
calendarHeader.previousToolTip = Previous
calendarHeader.nextToolTip = Next
calendarHeader.labelFormat = EEE MMM DD YYYY

dayViewHeader.labelFormat = EEE DD MMM YYYY

editor.newItem = New item
editor.summary = Summary:
editor.description = Description:
editor.from = From:
editor.to = To:
editor.repeat = Repeat:
editor.repeats = Repeats:
editor.repeatOn = Repeat on:
editor.repeatsInterval = Interval:
editor.endsOn = Ends on:
editor.never = Never
editor.delete = Delete
editor.cancel = Cancel
editor.save = Save

editor.variantDaily = Daily
editor.variantEveryWeekday = Every weekday (Mo.-Fri.)
editor.variantMoWedFri = Every Mon., Wed., and Fri.
editor.variantTuesThurs = Every Tues. and Thurs.
editor.variantWeekly = Weekly
editor.variantMonthly = Monthly
editor.variantYearly = Yearly

You should see now localized version of FlexCalendar :-D.

In order to change language, you need to set the localeChain property of resourceManager to “pt_BR”:resourceManager.localeChain = [ "pt_BR", "en_US" ];

Tip: You should always include the “en_US” string at the end of localeChain. It protects you from displaying NULLs when no Portuguese translation for some properties is available.

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