Flex Calendar Component 1.1.0 is ready

We’ve just relased version 1.1.0 of the Flex Calendar Component!

Go get it in downloads section.

This release contains various bug fixes and improvements.

Moreover, as we promised previously, we’re still adding cool features to the Flex Calendar Component! In this version we’ve added:

  • Item editors and demo code released under MIT license and availabe to download via GitHub!
  • Limited edit mode, where new items can be added only at predefined spaces. See our demo for example!
  • Useful calendar events, dispatched when “calendar items” were modified or added
  • Double click support – you can capture input on calendar item renderers, available space renderers or calendar space
  • Working week (MO-FRI) view

In this version we’ve introduced PRO licenses. Some features of our component will be available for additional price. As for now, only “limited edit mode” is PRO feature. For PRO licensing terms and conditions, contact us at sales@flex-calendar.com

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